When you create a shirt that depicts yourself with a giant hammer, surrounded by dead bodies, it’s undeniably baller

We’ve seen the advent of the highly edited self-depiction on an MMA shirt with James Toney back in August of 2010, but never have we seen someone garbed in plate metal armor with a mountain of decaying bodies behind them. It’s as if this shirt was born out of sheer necessity to promote disembowelment via a ridiculously large spiked hammer. If you want a piece of apparel to let everyone in the vicinity know that you wore massive Jnco jeans in junior high school, then Barnett’s new signature shirt has your name on it (and his). This shirt may not be for some, but for those who have enough bloodlust to rock this beast, may you feast on the underside of a thousand spleens — and all that jazz. [Source]

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