When Pads Hit Back – Watch this brutal Tiger Muay Thai training session

I’m not really sure what to say about this. On one had, if everyone knew about it before they stepped on the mat, I have no problem with these fighters coming to Tiger Muay Thai team tryouts going through the ringer. But if they didn’t know this was coming, I dunno. Hitting people back with pads could cut them, and a trained individual counter-striking someone who doesn’t see it coming could lead to nasty results. So yeah, as our bud Brian Ebersole says in this brutal clip, it’s a train wreck. But people like watching those, right?

That’s why you should probably click this video and watch one hell of a training session that I dub – When Pads Hit Back. It sounds like an MMA horror movie. Kind of like Little Shop of Horrors but with different pieces of equipment.

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