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Wheat Thins really wants you to watch this new ad, so they put Tracy Morgan in it

Wheat Thins really wants you to watch this new ad, so they put Tracy Morgan in it

Actually, when you watch this new advertisement from Wheat Thins, you may get Alex Trebek or Tracy Morgan. It’s like a celebrity grab bag every time you push play. Unfortunately, you will never get the Alex Trebeck with the weird afro and the strange 70s leisure suit. If that Alex Trebeck emerged on planet earth again, it would denote the end of times. The Mayans would be proven right. In a post-apocalyptic Trebeck society, it would be impossible to question authority. If a cop pulled you over, they would never ask you if you knew why you were pulled over. You would have to guess the answer based on vague facts about your license and registration.

Check out this new advertisement from Wheat Thins, and keep in mind they specifically chose MiddleEasy to advertise on. Let’s not let them down, folks. Watch the video! {jcomments off}

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