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Well this guy just got his ear elbowed off…(Warning Graphic)

Well this guy just got his ear elbowed off…(Warning Graphic)

If you ever wanted to watch a guy get his ear elbowed off, this video showcasing regional MMA fighters Crowder and Tyner will suit you just fine. What region? We don’t know. We aren’t even sure who took the ear or who lost the ear, Crowder or Tyner, but the fact of the matter is that it’s over, it’s done. The ear has gone flying across the mat and there is nothing we can do about it, so why not celebrate it? Congratulations Crowder or Tyner, you two just took part in a moment not many humans could ever claim they’ve taken part in.

I mean, think about it: thousands, no millions of people have jumped out of an airplane willingly. But how many people could say they’ve had their ear elbowed off or elbowed someone’s ear off realistically? I’m thinking two hundred and fifty all time. Tops.

Now I’m not saying that breaking an ear off someone’s head with an elbow is the new skydiving, not at all. I’m just saying this whole situation could be looked at way more positively than I’m sure it’s being looked at in either the Crowder or Tyner household respectively (especially depending on which end of the elbow you were on, or you could say whether or not you lost an ear).

Props to MMA On The Rise and thanks to Zach Lambertski for the heads up.


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