Weekly Poll Results are in: You love Bruce Lee!

Since Tuesdays generally suck and all you have to look forward to is American Idol performances (shut up Tom) and your mother calling you up telling you how horrible of a son you are because you completely forgot about Mother’s day, the Middle Easy weekly polls are going to change every Tuesday starting…well today.

44% of you thought that Bruce Lee in his prime would have a dominating career in MMA while 32% believed that he couldn’t keep up with the competition (tell that to his face!). 35% of you thought that Brock Lesnar has the best chance of beating Fedor with 25% thinking that Zangief from Street Fighter 2 could do it. A Siberian Tiger came in a close third with 15% of the votes. And finally 41.7% of you guys believed Kimbo is a street fighter, not an MMA fighter and he will never return to the cage while 33.3% believed he needs more training before returning. No one is feeling the Kimbo Slice love.

Now with this week’s new questions:

  • Which New York Yankee could be a MMA fighter?
  • If Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann got into the cage, who would win?
  • Which Japanese fighter is most likely to be placed in a Capcom videogame?

You guys know where to vote, on the right side of every page on this site. Lets do this.

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