We wonder if Shogun’s win over James Te Huna is the last he’ll see in the Octagon

So… Shogun is fighting next weekend, eh? It’s weird, there was a place in time where I’d be counting down the days for the next Shogun fight, now a week out from his next fight, I just found out he’s fighting. I didn’t even know who he was fighting, where he was fighting and where I could watch his fight.

Maybe it’s just me not being able to witness Shogun lose another fight, maybe it’s me worrying for his life after MMA or maybe it’s the over saturation of the UFC.

In reality it’s probably all three and honestly it’s sad. Shogun is everything I enjoy about MMA and seeing him as a shell of his former self is just not fun.

At least we’ll always have the memories, right? Well we might as well hang onto the memory of Shogun defeating James Te Huna, because unfortunately, it might be his last victory in the UFC. Although I certainly hope it isn’t.


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