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We’ve introduced our point system on MiddleEasy! Get rewarded just for reading!

We’ve introduced our point system on MiddleEasy! Get rewarded just for reading!

The weekend is finally here and there’s absolutely no MMA. Massive bummer, but in our endless attempt to cheer you guys up, we’re debuting the MiddleEasy Point System — and all of you received 2 points just for reading this article.

We’ve spent a lot of time working on this thing, and we have some incredible stuff planned for you guys in the future. The MiddleEasy Point System (MPS, since we need another friggin’ abbreviation on this site) only works if you’re logged in on the site. Don’t have a log in? Well lucky for you we’ve opened up registrations for this weekend only and we’re awarding all new members with 25 ME points.

Now what exactly are you going to do with all these points? Well, the truth is we can’t tell you yet. However, we want to encourage all of you to earn them as quickly and often as possible — and here’s how:

+1Leaving a comment on an article

+2Reading an article

+0.5Getting a thumbs up on a comment

-0.5Getting a thumbs down on a comment

-20Having a comment deleted by admin

+100Sending us a news tip that leads to an article on MiddleEasy

+250Win Tweet of the Night honors on ‘Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during…’

+500Be a recipient of a MiddleEasy Comment Award at the end of the year.

There will be other ways to earn ME Points in the future, ways that will make you giggle like a school boy that just discovered the other meaning of the number ’69.’

To check your point total, login to MiddleEasy and then click the red ‘Logout’ button, click ‘Your profile,’ then click on your avatar in the middle of the screen. Don’t worry, we’re going to make it easier, but for the meantime I’m sure you guys can deal with it.

We’ve also introduced a new feature to MiddleEasy — and you can see it on the right side of the page. In short, we’ve made it easier to send us news items as suggestions for us to publish on MiddleEasy. Now keep in mind that we do our research every day, but sometimes we miss valuable stories. If you submit an item that we don’t have on deck to publish, you will receive props and +100 points.

There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn per day — but if we catch you guys spamming articles with one-letter comments or hitting refresh on your browser a thousand times on the same article, then we’ll catch you — and let Liam Neeson deal with you. Seriously though, don’t abuse the MPS. We encourage all MiddleEasyers to read as many articles as possible (heck, read all 10,000+ of them every day for the rest of the year) and leave as many comments as possible — but don’t pull any funny business. We’ll be watching over the weekend!

Alright, have at it. Enjoy, and be sure to upload an avatar to your profile because people are tired of seeing that grey silhouette.

Update: Forgot to mention that the only reason we delete comments is if they use the ‘N’ or ‘F’ word. That’s really it. Obviously bot spam gets deleted, but we’re not trying to rain on anyone’s parade. If you’re racist, be a clever racist. Don’t just drop an N bomb or call someone a F.

Update #2: We can’t give you guys points for past Tweet of the Night awards, old comments…etc. This isn’t retroactive, we would literally lose our minds trying to sift through over 4 years of stuff.

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