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We think Matt Riddle burned every possible bridge with the UFC in this interview

We think Matt Riddle burned every possible bridge with the UFC in this interview

Matt Riddle just didn’t burn his bridge with the UFC in this interview from Stephanie Joplin, the guy summoned a level 54 fire elemental and nuked everything in the vicinity. Don’t expect Riddle to mend his rupture with the UFC. We’re pretty sure Matt Riddle is well aware the beef he’s created with the UFC will remove all the probability he will be stepping inside the Octagon anytime soon. Perhaps that’s why he went after Dana White’s business acumen in this recent interview with Stephanie Joplin.

I really don’t have a reaction to it because, to be honest, Dana White…it’s sad but he’s uneducated to the sport and the industry. He’s calling me a moron for using my medicine when half his fighters are on steroids. It’s pretty offensive, but at the same time, I am looking at the source, and he can’t help himself

Even now, I don’t have a dislike for Dana White or the UFC. But really, he’s just a juice monkey who’s bald, who doesn’t know sh** about business. He just yells the F word and expects things to be handed to him.

Joplin also mentioned Matt Riddle believes the UFC is trying to eliminate wrestling from the promotion and even cites Dave Herman in this example:

It’s 100% true! Look at Dave Herman, he failed two drug tests, doesn’t even have a medical license and he still has a job. He’s lost three fights in a row. I’ve won four fights in a row, I got Submission of the Night; I have a medical license, but they fired me without hesitation.

That’s some tin-foil hat stuff right there. In fact, I’m jealous I didn’t think of it before Matt Riddle.

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