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We strongly suggest you watch Lumumba Sayers knock out Antwain Britt

We strongly suggest you watch Lumumba Sayers knock out Antwain Britt

Whoa, whoa, whoa there. You thought Ronda Rousey was going to walk away and steal last night’s Strikeforce Challengers show without a fight? No way. Not with Lumumba Sayers on the card. That dude poses for pictures with punk rock versions of Biff from Back To The Future. That’s a whole different level of something. I don’t even know what.

Stephen Quadros told me last night’s Strikeforce Challengers card would be full of short and violent fights, and like always, he was 100% correct. That’s why he’s The Fight Professor after all. Watch Lumumba Sayers deliver Antwain Britt his third loss in a row with a slobberknocking KO.

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Man, last night delivered on multiple levels.


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