We spoke to Luke Rockhold about Bisping, Scott Coker, and Tinder romances

Luke Rockhold is the closest thing MMA currently has to a So-Cal James Bond. He’s dashing, can kick ass in a manner of ways, and considering he’s on Millionaire Matchmaker, the women he pursues are heiresses that may or may not be deadly pawns in a global game of espionage and intrigue. 

That’s why we had to talk to the former Strikeforce champion who is shooting up the UFC ranks and will face Michael Bisping on November 8th at UFC Fight Night 55. 

Read our interview in which we discuss Scott Coker, his hatred for Bisping and why Luke has fallen away from Tinder.

You seem to have come out of, I guess a shell recently. Are you more aware of having to sell the fight or are you just more comfortable in front of the camera now?

First of all I was quiet for a long time and I realized it doesn’t get you anywhere. So I decided to just be more vocal and speak my mind about fights I want and things I want. Just being more myself, tired of holding back.

That said, do you genuinely dislike Bisping or would you say you know he’s just a good opponent?

Truly, I truly dislike Bisping. I don’t like people that run their mouth. I wasn’t sure of him in the first place, and then he tried to be cool with me and then just ran his mouth on TV. Pretty much everything I hear about him, he’s a d**k to everyone behind the scenes and just, not… Not my people. I really don’t like him at all and I look forward to smashing him for running his mouth.

How do you feel about Scott Coker taking over Bellator?

Scott Coker is a great promoter and I wish him the best with Bellator. He’s… If anyone’s going to save Bellator it’s going to be Scott. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Scott.

After you cupped that tiger’s balls, did you buy it dinner?

I didn’t by him dinner but I enshrined him on a cellphone case. He was a good sport about it so I gave him his little tiger shrine haha.

Would you be willing to fight Jacare again? What do you think of his evolution?

I would gladly fight Jacare again, he’s a tough guy and he’s evolved I guess a little bit. I think he’s just gained more confidence in his striking. That’s everything in fighting. The more confidence you have and the more technique you have. So, I don’t think he’s grown technically that much. I think he’s gotten a lot more confidence to throw that right hand more and he’s not so scared to stand. I think that’s the real big difference with Jacare. I’d definitely be down for that at any time.

Where does the bad blood between you and Bisping come from?

Come back from about 2012, a sparring session. He just ran his mouth when I actually helped him and switched my stance. It’s a story I’ve told many times you know, when you go out of your way to help somebody and then they go out of their way to throw you under the bus, it’s funny. I was on his turf, I held back. I did a lot of things that… I love it. See, he’s got this false sense of confidence from some sparring match where I helped him and he’s gonna take that into this fight. I respect Bisping, he comes to fight to the best of his abilities, but he’s in trouble in this one. I’ll put it that way.

What problems do you think he’ll present in your fight?

Problems, eh, I don’t really see any “problems” with Bisping. He’s fairly technical in his striking, I just gotta be smart, play my game and be patient. The holes will present themselves. I believe that I’m better than him everywhere. I just gotta relax and be myself. He has decent footwork and a jittery style, but you know, I just can’t laugh at his pitter patter. I think that’s the biggest thing. I have to keep my composure and just not laugh when he hits me.

Do you miss Strikeforce?

Strikeforce… Strikeforce was fun. It was a great time. It always brings a smile to my face remembering where I came from and what we did. But then, the past is the past and I’m happy to be where I am. This is where I dreamed of being and I’m right there. I’m gonan get the title and it’s going to be a good 2015. Maybe even earlier.

Does a fight with Anderson Silva interest you? Would you rather fight him while he’s around or get a title shot? If you had to choose…

The fight with Anderson interests me very much. If I had to choose between a fight with Anderson and a fight for the belt, it’s pretty obvious – I would take the title shot. It’s about being the best in the world. Fighting legends is fun and all, but it’s all about being the best and getting paid and retiring, and that comes with the championship money. So, you gotta get paid, get that shot.

Some people say it’s wrestling, but is surfing the best base for MMA?

Surfing is by far not the best base for fighting. Wrestling is by far the best base for fighting. But… It all helps (laughs).

Are you disappointed Bisping turned down your bet?

Not disappointed. Bisping did what I expected him to do, which is bitch out. And he’s gonna come to fight but I’m gonna make him my bitch come fight time.

Who does better on Tinder, you or LayzieTheSavage?

I’m glad to say that I’ve been Tinder-free, two months now. I’m going strong. I feel powerful. I feel empowered. Layzie, I wish you the best. You may need to check yourself into a clinic, but, good luck, buddy.

Why have you fallen away from Tinder? Do you require romance? Are you looking for true love?

Tinder… Tinder, Tinder, Tinder. Yeah, let’s turn this into the Millionaire Matchmaker… So, why have I fallen away from Tinder? I don’t know, focus time. I have to focus in on my boy, Bisping. He’s my bitch to be. I have to put the other bitches on hold for a little bit.

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