We simulated 10 matches between Werdum and Hunt in EA UFC, the results shook us to the core (you won’t believe what happened next)

We here at MiddleEasy enjoy playing video games, we also happen to fancy ourselves some MMA. So, when we came up with the idea to simulate 25 fights of Mark Hunt and Fabricio Werdum, we thought it’d be the best idea ever. We couldn’t have been more wrong, my god, I can’t repeat this enough, we could not have been more wrong.

What transpired was the most grueling three hours of my own life. Maybe even more grueling than the Thursday Night Football game this week.

We set out to do a total of 25 simulations. That didn’t happen, because in the first 10 simulations we did, Fabricio Werdum not only won but dominated every single fight. One victory came by the way of KO, six by submission and three by unanimous decision. Three fights were stopped in the first round, one in the second, none in the third, one in the fourth, two in the fifth and three fights went the distance. The fights lasted a combined 2 hours, 37 minutes and 4 seconds with the average length being 15 minutes and 42 seconds.

The following are cumulative stats for the ten fights.

Mark Hunt

1,609-2,852 56% Total Strikes

321-696 46% Significant Strikes

75-99 75% Takedowns

2 Knockdowns


1,944-3,372 58% Total Strikes

393-771 51% Significant Strikes  

88-143 62% Takedowns

1 Knockdown

The most strikes Mark Hunt landed in a fight in real life was at Pride 31: Unbreakable vs. Yosuke Nishijima according to Fight Metric landing 167 the most he landed in these simulations was 277. His significant strike accuracy in his career is very close in real life to his digital form, coming in at 44% in his career and 46 %. His takedowns in digital form would be tied with GSP for best takedown accuracy of all time at 75%, unfortunately his real life takedown percentage is only 52%.

Werdum on the other hand, landed 171 strikes in his most recent fight with Travis Browne, the most he landed in these simulations was 381. Much like Hunt, Werdum’s significant strike percentage in these simulations were almost identical to his real life self, clocking in at 51% and 50% respectively. Werdum had a even bigger discrepancy in terms of takedown accuracy, with 62% in the simulations and 33% in real life.

What does this mean? Well, it means two things. One being I wasted hours preparing and writing this article, so you men, women and interstellar travelers better enjoy it. Two, we have either predicted in the future or have started a MiddleEasy simulation curse? Which one is true? We’ll find out Saturday… or most likely Sunday for the east coasters out there.

Credit goes to Fight Metric for all the real life statistics on both Mark Hunt and Fabricio Werdum.

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