We’re marathoning through Civilization: Beyond Earth on MLG.TV ALL. DAY. LONG.

Today we welcome a new force into our lives that promises to throw any and all responsibilities we may or may not have out the window because today we welcome the newest installment of the Civilization series – Civilization: Beyond Earth. I’m sure most of you have experienced the power of the Just One More Turn… mechanic those games employ in order to leave you glued to your monitor, forgetting your body’s needs for food, water, and sleep. If you haven’t, now is a great time to start ruining your life by playing a game. It’s worth it, trust me.

Civilization: Beyond Earth uses the same old Civ gameplay mechanics we know and love and applies them to a (sort of) new setting. We’re going to be able to play as brand new civs colonizing a new planet after humanity pretty much screwed itself out of living on planet Earth. As always, Firaxis is introducing new stuff to their tried and true formula in order to keep the game fresh and evolving.

Our very own Dave Walsh is hosting a marathon that Jason, Matt, and a few other friends of MiddleEasy and I are going to jump in on that promises to leave us passed out on the floor from dehydration. That’s right, we’re gonna sacrifice our beautiful selves for your (and our) entertainment. At least those two have wives dogs to find them half dead on the floor and call 911. I’m probably just gonna die. Good bye. Before I die though, watch the me and the crew explore a whole new world and brand new gameplay!

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