We’re going to cover Cage vs. Cons, wish us luck

We’ll be trekking to the heart of Ingelwood, California a place where just last week, a rapper named M-Bone was gunned down in a drive-by shooting at a liquor store. Apparently the homicide happened because of a ‘Twitter war’ over a girl. People close to him said that he was ‘at the wrong place, at the wrong time.’ Today, we’ll be at the wrong place — let’s hope it’s not the wrong time. If you check out the website of Cage vs. Cons, you’ll be greeted to somewhat of a ‘mission statement’ that gives a brief rundown of what the newly founded organization attempts to achieve.

“Cage vs. Cons is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion company that hosts fan-pleasing events pitting nothing-to-lose ex-convicts against hard-hitting police officers, prison guards, firefighters, teachers, Marines and other members of the military and law enforcement. The unique concept generates instant rivalries, mouth-dropping storylines, and identifiable heroes and villains for the fans to root for or against—all combining to create fights that overflow with a savage energy unmatched in the MMA world.”

The founder of the promotion is also an ex-convict who spent eleven years of his life under the custody of the California state prison system. Basically what we’re trying to say in a very round about manner is we really hope we don’t get shot. Death sucks, and it sucks even more when you die in an unsolicited crossfire. If that happens, MiddleEasy.com will abruptly come to an end and hopefully everyone will spend their freetime reading my old articles and eventually will build a shrine located somewhere in Xenia, Ohio in my honor.

The event also features a hip-hop show which includes Killah Priest, Gravediggaz, B-Real from Cypress Hill, Ras Kass, Too Short, E-40, Shabazz The Disciple and a few others. There’s also a $2,000 bikini contest that will probably display a few of these fine human beings. Everything starts at 10:00am PST and ends at 11:00pm PST. We’ll try to stay alive long enough to hand out a few stickers to anyone that identifies LayzieTheSavage in his green MiddleEasy shirt. Check out the site for more details of the event.

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