We may see another Dream vs. Sengoku showdown at Dynamite!! 2010

The coma-inducing knees by Ubereem launched directly at Fujita’s head was reason enough to still have Dynamite!! 2009 on your DVR. That night/morning, I thought we all witnessed the first death in MMA on Japanese soil. In fact, what actually happened to Fujita? The dude was carried from the Saitama Super Arena on a stretcher and appeared to be in a state of complete paralysis. We were told he was doing alright in the hospital a couple days later, but we need a follow-up Fujta update. Hopefully he can eat solid foods and doesn’t suffer weekly nightmares of this happening again. It’s a horrible way to sever one’s consciousness — and according to a rumor out of Nightmare of Battle, we may witness more skull-fracturing knees from Alistair Overeem, arm-break/middle finger combinations from Shinya Aoki and ‘Old and Busted’ vs. ‘New Hotness’ at Dynamite!! 2010.

The site has reported that in the world of Japanese MMA, rumors are swirling around that this year’s installment of Dynamite!! will feature, at the minimum, three Dream vs. Sengoku bouts on the New Year’s Eve card. Another rumor states that Josh Barnett will face off against ‘a big named guy’ in Dream’s first heavyweight title bout. Yeah, it’s time to let your imagination run wild and eventually trip on a power cord an electrocute itself to death thinking of all the possibilities as to who his opponent could be. I don’t think we can get overly optimistic with a Josh Barnett vs. Fedor Emelianenko match. Unfortunately M-1 Global is still currently stuck in ‘fighter contract purgatory’ (as they have been for most of The Last Emperor’s career, sigh). Depending on the results of the K-1 GP, there’s a chance that we may see Josh Barnett vs. Alistair Overeem, a guy that has previously mentioned he has a great interest in participating in the NYE event.

We caught up with Gegard Mousasi who told us that he’s probably going to face Satoshi Ishii at Dynamite!! 2010 which will further reinforce my belief that I really need to stop betting on MMA bouts that are impossible to predict. However, don’t expect an Aoki vs. Hirota rematch. The guy had to relinquish his Sengoku belt and is still nursing his broken arm nearly a year after it was originally snapped in front of an audience of millions. November is the time of the year when details will emerge regarding everyone’s favorite thing to do on New Year’s Eve besides hitting on your boss’s daughter at whatever office party you drunkenly attend. [Source]

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