We let Lorenz Larkin and Kelli Hutcherson answer our ‘Baller or Buster’ questions, here’s what they said…

Baller or Buster. The entire universe can be segmented in those two categories. Bowl of fruit loops, buster. Bowl of fruit loops eaten from a spoon shaped like an AK-47, baller. Gummi Bears, buster. The Adventure of the Gummi Bears, incredibly baller. You guys understand the concept. We introduced it earlier this year and since then, we even have Renzo Gracie deeming things ‘Baller’ or ‘Buster.’ Last weekend we caught up with Kelli Hutcherson and Lorenz Larkin to influence their reality with the notion of ‘Baller’ or ‘Buster.’ You may agree with their response, or you may want to throw a chair across the room in disgust. Regardless, check out these two clips and get ready for a new edition of Baller or Buster next month.

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