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We know you want to check out this new video from our sponsor, Wheat Thins!

We know you want to check out this new video from our sponsor, Wheat Thins!

Gingerbread is really a ‘sell out’ bread. Gingerbread is incapable of making bologna and mayonnaise sandwiches. A gingerbread man can not be rolled together with ham to make a snack. Something went wrong in the bread factory that day. Luckily, Wheat Thins exists in order to yell at gingerbread for being dysfunctional. My dad used to put Wheat Thins in mouse traps because he knew some mice were vegetarians. He’s a considerate man that understands some mice have exquisite taste for snack foods. That’s probably why Wheat Thins chose to advertise on because they love our target audience. In short, they chose MiddleEasy because they love you.

So support MiddleEasy and watch this Wheat Thins clip and continue to rock out in 2012 like the world is going to end — because it just may.{jcomments off}

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