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We interviewed Don Frye and Bas Rutten at a burger joint in Texas, here’s what they said

If you’re expecting outrageous answers, Don Frye will serve them to you with a side of ‘WTF’. We had a chance to briefly interview Don Frye and Bas Rutten, the commentating team for Shark Fights 13, as they were ordering food at Red Robins in the middle of Amarillo, Texas. It was unexpected, we called the Shark Fights PR and within seconds, Don Frye was telling us how he threatened to kill someone. Granted, it wasn’t Don Frye issuing the death threats, it was the mustache. Here’s how the conversation panned out:


Tell us how you got involved with announcing for Shark Fights…“Basically they owed me money, I said I would kill them unless they gave me a job. I did a couple fights with these boys and they put me out to pasture, but they kept me around and I called a couple local fights, now I’m here on PPV.”


So how nervous are you commentating your first PPV card?“Man the PPV. You got Ron Kruck and Bas Rutten, a couple of old pros at this and I’m the weak link in the chain here. So I’m gonna have to try extra hard to keep up with them boys.”


You made an appearance in Zombieland, are you a big fan of zombie movies?“Yeah it’s always fun watching a head get blown up ya know?”


What match are you most looking forward to on Saturday night at Shark Fights 13?“The main event! Trevor Prangley and Jardine, that’s the best one. Houston Alexander, hell he’s always ready for a good fight. We’re walking into Red Robin now, want to talk to Bas Rutten?”


This is the point in the interview where I told Don Frye ‘Of course I want to talk to Bas Rutten‘. What kind of question is that Don? Come on. Moments later, Bas Rutten picked up the phone with a resounding ‘Yo!‘.


Hey Bas, what’s with Direct TV not showing Shark Fights 13?“I wish it would happen right, I don’t know. It should happen.”


Are you excited for EA Sports MMA?“Yeah of course very, very excited, I just played it actually over at the EA headquarters, it’s awesome! It’s such a good game. You actually learn as a fighter and you get better so that’s cool.”


Well I don’t want to keep you guys from your food, what are you gonna order from Red Robin Bas?“You know I have no clue, I have never been to one. Let me see here…let me seeeeeeee….grease, grease, grease [starts laughing] probably something greasy right? I gotta see here let me study this card. Let me study it. [long pause] Probably a salad.”

Shark Fights 13 comes on live tomorrow for the minisicule amount of only $29.99 and both of these guys will be calling the fight. You can miss it, but my opinion of you will be lower. Just be warned.

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