We have undeniable proof that Phil Baroni is indestructible

A lot of people said that our interview with Phil Baroni was perhaps the most depressing thing to ever be published on the site. I’ve always considered it a rare insight into the mind of a guy that has a strong obsession with taking showers. It’s no surprise that Phil wants to win his next UFC fight. Dude signed a four-fight contract and he told us that he constantly fears he will be then next one to feel the force of the ZUFFA axe. It’s important to note that Baroni’s last fight in Strikeforce, he came out wearing a bathrobe and spent the entire time yelling at a Strikeforce employee who tried to instruct the fighters to stand in front of the camera. I can’t count the ways in which Phil Baroni has elevated to ‘cult legend’ status, so instead, I’ll show you this video which provides undeniably proof that Baroni is in fact in indestructible.

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