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We have our very first installment of Gridiron MMA in 2013

We have our very first installment of Gridiron MMA in 2013

Football season is underway and I’m already counting down the days until the hockey season. As a fan of the Penn State Nittany Lions, I’ve been disgusted with the transgressions that went on there. The New York Football Giants aren’t doing so hot, which to be honest as bad as they’ve played, I don’t really care. They won two Super Bowls vs. the team that I despise the absolute most, the New England Patriots. So truthfully, they’ve bought a lot of good will from me, they can go 0-16 but they can’t take away those two Super Bowl victories. I would speak about my fantasy teams here, which are doing all right, but let’s be clear, the only interesting fantasy team is your own. Keep that in mind the next time you want to start a conversation about it.

Even with me counting down the days till hockey season, I can’t deny that this football season has been interesting to say the least. From Johnny Manziel to Trent Richardson going to the Colts, this season has been absolutely phenomenal. The one thing it’s been missing, that hockey always brings to the table is fights.

Fighting in football always seemed silly to me, I mean…you have a helmet on, you aren’t going to do anything but hurt your hand. Unless you decide to throw some leg kicks, whatever you’re doing is going to be futile. Isaiah Battle has decided to buck those trends and begin his Gridiron MMA career. I really like what he does here, first he gets in the face of the smaller opponent, using his size to his advantage, maybe he’s looking to tire him out? Most guys here would’ve just thrown a punch to his facemask or the side of the helmet, not Isaiah Battle. He realizes that the only place that he is relatively weak, would be in the chin, even if he does have a chin strap on. Look how he steps away just a tad bit before throwing his punch, making sure not to smother it. Beautiful work by the young man from Clemson, hopefully this is something that will be added to the NFL Combine in the upcoming year.

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