We hate watched the slow-mo version of the Cyborg-Magana video and have 20 questions

Okay, this Cyborg-Magana video really does not live up to the hype. But what if you watch the same video of Cyborg kind of punching Magana square in her mouth in slow-motion? Everything is better in slow-mo, so in theory this slow-motion video of Cyborg socking Magana for tweeting shit about her should be at least 20 times better than at regular speed.

Roll the tape


Yup that was thing that happened. An angry Cyborg talked shit inches from Magana’s face, the smaller fighter didn’t back down and then everyone on the scene collectively screamed “Oh My God”. Let’s watch the Cyborg-Magana video again. And again. One more time with feeling. Then again in super slow-motion.

Now we have questions; at least 20.

20. What was that?
19. Why we do want to see Cyborg punch that guy in the red shirt for standing in the way?
18. Why does no one hold their phone in landscape mode when recording street MMA?
17. How insane is Angela Magana for talking shit right to Cyborg’s face?
16. Was it a punch or a slap?
15. How much force did Cyborg put into the strike?
14. Is Magana’s chin really that good?
13. How is this the only fight at the UFC fighter retreat?
12. Who is the dude, in the far right, holding his phone up recording the fight?
11. Where is this secret footage of the second angle of Cyborg-Magana video?
10. Can Magana bulk up to 145 pounds?
9. How many Angela Magana clones could Cyborg beat in a row before she gets tired?
8. At least 15 genetic Magana clones?
7. Is the UFC going to suspend Cyborg for this incident?
6. Is the beef now squashed?
5. Wait, is that Chris Weidman?
4. Bec Rawlings really isn’t stepping in-between nobody?
3. Who broke up the fight?
2. Did that mystery man save Magana’s life form a Street Cyborg ass kicking?
1. Why did we watch that?

H/T to CagePages for the original video find

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