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We could listen to honorary Irish Diaz brother, Conor McGregor, talk all day

We could listen to honorary Irish Diaz brother, Conor McGregor, talk all day

The last time I was in Ireland, I made the astute observation that the country has a lot of places to purchase fried chicken. There must be some hidden surplus of chickens and fryers, or the more dark assumption is that at some point in history a massive amount of chickens made a massive amount of Irish people angry and to get revenge, Ireland has been throwing these chickens in vats of molten oil for years now. I’m assuming the latter happened, and it makes Ireland a pretty scary place to visit. Nevertheless, Dublin’s Conor McGregor has temporarily ceased the chicken genocide in order to educate the population on the fine art of knocking a person out with supreme finesse.

Yesterday we introduced you to McGregor by showing his slick Cage Warriors performance and proclaiming him to be the Irish Diaz Brother. When a guy rocks a 100% finishing rate in his MMA career, goes on an eight-fight winning streak, and sounds like he could give you directions to the nearest jewelry heist — it’s inevitable that he’s going to end up in the Octagon in the immediate future. We just hope ‘Irish Diaz Brother’ is a nickname that follows him in the UFC since — well, we made it up.

Check out this SevereMMA interview of Conor McGregor just moments after he KOd Ivan Buchinger at CWFC 51 – Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 51.

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