We Could Listen to Bonnar/Tito Trash Talk All Day

Bellator is really doing something incredible with Tito Ortiz vs. Stephan Bonnar. This is what you gotta give them credit for; they are letting this thing play out and letting both men promote the fight the way that they want to. This means that we get crazy stuff like that in-ring pro wrestling promo and pull-apart brawl on live TV, it also means that the lead-up to it is going to be pretty amazing. If you were to tell us a few months ago that one of the most anticipated bouts of the fall would not be Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier or any UFC championship bout but instead Tito Ortiz fighting Stephan Bonnar we would have laughed at you.

If Ortiz and Bonnar were to clash in UFC it would be — well look, we want to say buried on the undercard, but at this point it would be a co-main event — not promoted as important as it is being promoted in Bellator. Yet when left to their own devices Bonnar and Ortiz have made this fight way more interesting than it has any right being. In fact, the fight itself will probably be so very, very disappointing, but we’ll always have the goofy buildup to it.

This is what a lot of fights are missing nowadays; some sort of passion beyond “the best fight the best, the best win.” There always has to be more than one narrative to keep everyone interested, right? This is Bonnar from Inside MMA ragging on Tito and talking about why he came out of retirement.

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