Watching Team Poland beat every country in the world in 5 on 5 MMA fights is pretty violent

Three hours deep into a top secret brainstorming session someone from the back of the room poised the question, “how can we make two dudes locked in a cage fighting each other more exciting?” A 60 second clock on the ground to force stand ups? Team MMA where the Fresno Woodchucks take on the El Paso Fighting Firebirds? A raised fighting surface and or pit that encourages fighters to stand toe to toe?

While all those ideas are good in theory, what MMA really needs in 2015 is a disorganized mess of violence with 10 competitors punching one another at the same time. GPG Teams Fighting Championship is the MMA equivalent of dropping a trash bag full of Mentos into a bathtub full of carbonated soda. The results of five versus five MMA are messy and at times done completely wrong.

Team Poland are the 1972 Miami Dolphins or the 1927 New York Yankees of Team MMA after two events. Team Poland’s starting lineup may actually be a murder’s row. The star of Team Poland is a guy wearing a skull ski mask while he fights and his MMA skills are beating up smaller opponents, kicking opponents while they are locked in a submission by one of his teammates, and punching people when they are not looking. Why would he want to keep his identity a secret? 

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