Watching Hardyz Boyz vs. The Young bucks is awesome; watching with Kevin Steen on commentary is Rawesome

If you ever wanted to see Jeff and Matt Hardy get super kicked in the face than you have stumbled upon a pro wrestling oasis of chin checking. The pro wrestling world has watched over the years as The Hardy Brothers have been put through tables by the Dudley Boyz and bashed with dual chairs at the hands of Edge and Christian.

A perfectly placed super kick would serve as the cherry on top of delicious sundae made from the disdain Matt and Jeff have accumulated with pro wrestling fans over the years. Only in pro wrestling could a team booked as baby faces for most of their career garner enough animosity for a hate based dessert treat.

Angry sundaes are a dish best served via YouTube. From New York state indie promotion Northeast Wrestling (NEW), Matt and Jeff Hardy take on The Young Bucks. The match-up makes for a cool clash of tag team wrestling eras. One of the leading tag teams of the Attitude Era versus maybe the most accomplished tag team on the indie scene over the last several year lives up to the hype.  Matt and Jeff Hardy come into the match in great shape while The Young Bucks fast paced flash move set really brings out the best in their older opponents.

Bonus nugget for the video is the fact you get former Ring of Honor champion and current NXT signee Kevin Steen heeling it up from the color commentary position. “Mr. Wrestling” hypes up The Young Bucks and unloads on the Hardys in a style that would make Bobby “The Brain” Heenan proud.

Come for some throwback Hardy high spots and stay for some amazing Young Bucks tandem moves. And lots of super kicks. So many super kicks!

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