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Watchin’ The Lloyd Irvin Show

Watchin’ The Lloyd Irvin Show

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Aside from all 4 of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives” series. We’re talkin’ about Lloyd Irvin’s “The Next World Champion.”

Admit it, grappler. As much as you tell yourself you’re just a BJJ hobbyist, a weekend warrior, deep down you envy the dudes who dedicate themselves 100% to being the best at Jiu Jitsu. And, that’s natural. If you love training BJJ as much as I do (or even close to that), then why wouldn’t you want to devote more time to it? Of course, you would.

But, life doesn’t permit everyone to train Jiu Jitsu full time, nor does it grant everyone the same abilities. And, that’s why we like ourselves some TNWC. At least for me, it’s fascinating to see how guys who’s sole ambition is to become world champions live their lives. DSTRYR/SG approves.

The Next World Champion…

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