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Watch Tim Sylvia defeat his opponent in a mere twelve seconds

Watch Tim Sylvia defeat his opponent in a mere twelve seconds

Tim Sylvia has won seven out of his last eight fights while finishing six of those opponents and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. Is the Maine-iac back? We aren’t sure, he’s only hit the 265 pound limit a few times in the last few years, but dare I say Tim Sylvia is the most fearsome super-heavyweight this world knows? Somewhere Bauzen’s head is exploding, just like Randy Smith’s head when Tim Sylvia took twelve seconds to detonate his fists upon it at NEF Fight Night 3. We can’t confirm or deny if The Maine-iac gained supernatural powers by fighting for the first time in Maine, but how else do you explain the fastest win of Tim Sylvia’s career? This beats the time it took thirty six seconds for his opponent to fall out of the cage giving Tim a TKO victory back in 2002.

We have fan shot video of the final 4 seconds of the fight. It’s exhilarating. Watch.

Thanks to FrontRowBrian for bringing this to our attention.


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