Watch this video of Rener Gracie pranking EVERYONE in his academy

Hélio Gracie was the first (and only) Gracie to actually use the letter ‘H’ to pronounce the ‘H sound’ at the beginning of his name. Somewhere along the Gracie family line, everyone started to use ‘R’ as the first letter of their name, yet insists that the beginning of their name begin with that infamous silent ‘H’. It makes you wonder if Hélio Gracie could be written as ‘Rélio Gracie’ and still have that ‘Ha’ sound. I woke up today with that epiphany and the only thing I can think of is the day when someone names their kid ‘Randsome Gracie’. Ramburger Gracie would be a good name also.

Rener Gracie thought it would be funny to replace his grappling dummy with a human being, set up a hidden camera in a dark office and record people’s reaction when they discovered it was an actual person — and you know what, Rener was absolutely right. Check out this video of Rener punking everyone inside the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu academy with this elaborate prank. [Source]

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