Watch this video of Nick Diaz being Nick Diaz at a triathlon

Stockton, California is the city that never sleeps, but takes a lot of friggin’ weed naps. Nick Diaz knows what it’s like to use the hot water from the coffee machine at Circle K to make Cup-O-Noodles at two in the morning. We’ve all been there — and if you haven’t, I don’t think I can ever trust you. The munchies is an incredible force that conquers the body and makes you truly believe that Twizzlers on top of a toasted piece of rye bread is the greatest thing you will ever feast on, ever. Fellow 209er, LayzieTheSavage has an archive of miscellaneous MMA video and from his collection, Layzie extracted this never-before-seen footage of Nick Diaz being Nick Diaz at a California triathlon.

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