Watch this video of Jienotsu going nuts backstage at Dynamite!! 2010

If you were to tell me that Jienotsu is the greatest thing to happen to MMA last month, I couldn’t find a counter-argument to refute your claim. You would be 100% correct in this instance, which should also yield some type of prize, perhaps in the form of a golden badge you can wear on your shirt, or maybe an expertly coordinated fruit basket. All of this will take place solely in your imagination, because there’s no way I’m giving you guys a fruit basket without me first inspecting it, taking all the good fruit, and then re-wrapping it, leaving you only the stuff we take for granted — like oranges and apples. Fortunately for Jienotsu, Shinya Aoki’s fighting style compared to his was like comparing apples and oranges. Segue of the year? Probably.

Check out this video of Jienotsu losing his mind backstage after KOing the Dream lightweight champion within four seconds in the second round, and if you go to the YouTube link, you can read the subtitles of the video including Jienotsu saying that he never wants to do MMA again. [Source]

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