Watch this supercut of the bonus winners from last week’s Invicta

I love pro wrestling, I love the WWE, but one of my biggest problems with the WWE is the way that they present women. They present them as crazy, unstable and are written in such an insulting way, it hurts my interest in the product itself. The fact that it’s called the Divas Title instead of womens is a slap in the face to the wrestlers and to their audience. Now that’s not to say it’s all bad, in NXT they do a fantastic job with the female wrestlers in the way that they are written and booked. They are presented not like females who wrestle, they are just presented as wrestlers and as a fan that’s what I want.

These reasons are precisely why I find myself enjoying Invicta, their fighters are presented as mixed martial artists, not women who happen to fight. Which is refreshing as a fan.

They had an event last weekend and here are the bonus winners and what they did to deserve their bonus.

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