Watch this really mellow interview with Forrest Griffin and Ariel Helwani

Forrest Griffin has a long and eventful history of being ornery with the MMA media over the years. He has broken legs, hearts and kicked more bloggers back to their grandma’s basement than Bjorn Rebney on a monday. With that said, Ariel Helwani has been to all the battles in the war, a vet in the vain of Brian Barron, he is unafraid of Forrest and will approach him from the side, slowly and not directly head on. With much savvy, Ariel will not be in a snazzy well fitted suit, but in calming plaid instead. Forrest is a man who appreciates nature you see, when t-shirts of skulls throwing up skulls onto a giant skull approach him it’s like a bull seeing red, and nothing says nature like plaid. Eventually Ariel cuddled up to Forrest and got a remarkably gentle interview with the author. Brew some tea and view it below.


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