Watch this glitch comeback, and let it inspire you to overcome the glitches you face in real life

EA Sports UFC glitches are a lot like real life neurological disorders. We often don’t understand why glitches occur, and exactly what electrical neurons have misfired to produce a particular condition. So I enjoy the practice of putting myself in the place of the glitched combat athlete, imaging what botched electrochemical process must be fizzling between his cartoonish ears. Once you begin to feel that empathy, you can often rise above the glitch.

Here, a glitched Crack Rogers immediately collapses on his goatee at the beginning of R2. He tries to move, but his back is rigid. Why? We don’t know. Of course, we could speculate that his nicotinic acetylcholine receptors were damaged by rogue code, resulting in an instant flash of almost complete neurodegeneration. We’ve seen it happen before.

The important thing is that we can feel the internal struggle as he flops around like a half-frozen lake trout. We have all been there before. But a change occurs. The hero’s journey begins. Crack flips over, stands up, throws some really weird kicks and wins the fight. It is a moving comeback story for sure. Perhaps it will come to mind the next time you suffer a glitch in real life.

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