Watch this flying spinning elbow strike from One FC 21 on repeat

Don’t try this at home. Not because it’s not cool to randomly hit your friends with spinning MMA techniques but because you simply can’t pull off a flying spinning elbow strike. Per the Global Elite Gym Mohammad Sotounzadeh aka “Barbod The Unleashed” tried something in the One FC cage he previously practiced at home and landed it perfectly. 
When your name is “Barbod The Unleashed” these are the kinds of spinning strikes the world expects from you 20 seconds into your second pro MMA fight. His opponent, Hesham Hiba, looks to defend a kick and then is completely caught off guard by the flying spinning elbow strike. Hiba, who does not have an epic nickname yet, did not spend enough time in his eight to ten week training game planning to counter a flying spinning elbow strike. 
Side note to perhaps the first ever flying spinning elbow strike in MMA competition, Hiba would come back in the second round and TKO Sotounzadeh with punches. The MMA world needs more flying spinning strikes. Next up the reverse flying spinning elbow strike.
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