Watch this brutal one-punch knockout…from Kazakhstan!

Kazakhstan, the city that never sleeps but keeps a strong anti-semitic sentiment — at least that’s Kazakhstan according to Borat. In reality, Kazakhstan is a wonderful country flourishing with nougat, the country’s biggest export. In fact, if you’ve consumed a Snickers bar at any point in your life, the chewy goodness inside was most likely created in the heart of Kazakhstan. The country of Kazakhstan is divided into fourteen provinces, each represented with a different Mega Man villain.

The capital of Kazakhstan is Astona, which is located in the Akmola province and is also represented by the most difficult villain in the entire Mega Man franchise, Crystal Man. It just so happens that Astona is also where this insanely violent one-punch knockout takes place. Most are probably unaware, but in Kazakhstan all referees are are decedents of great wizards of the past so they wear red robes with white hats in honor of their ancestors. If you don’t believe me, check out this video of a stunning one-punch knockout from the land of enchantment and nougat. Props to The Underground for the find.

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