MMA Rundown

Watch: These UFC Auckland face-offs prove Derrick Lewis’s fists are bigger than Mark Hunt’s head

Derrick Lewis is probably going to make a lot of longtime Mark Hunt fans cry on Sunday in New Zealand. In combat sports the young feast on the old to thin their ranks. On a six-fight UFC heavyweight win streak all signs point to the Black Beast eating a protein heavy brunch at UFC Fight Night Auckland.

To his credit, Hunt and his chin have been taking either kickboxing or MMA power shots to the face since 1999. Literally only three months since he was brutally KO’d by Alistair Overeem, the 43 year old Hunt is now being trotted out to face Lewis. Unless Hunt has one more walkoff trick up his sleeve this won’t end well at all.

Just look at Derrick Lewis’s fists inches from the face of Hunt during that face-off!!! Hands those size only no bad intentions; pray hands for Mark Hunt and his iron chin on Sunday.

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