Watch the trailer for the last WEC event in the history of everything

Dammit I wish I knew French so I could start this article with some romantic phrase that simultaneously embodies tragedy and departure. Instead, I’ll go with the more familiar ‘WTF, dude’, a phrase that I’ve been surrounded by ever since my old roommate made his first beer bong many years ago. ‘WTF dude’ means everything and nothing. ‘WTF dude’ is a phrase you can take to the bank, deposit in your linguistic account, and still be broke. ‘WTF dude’ is a congruent representation of my entire generation. Damn, what a cultural let down. At least we invented Facebook. Beat that.

The last WEC event in the history of everything goes down in just a few days and if you haven’t shed a tear, then you’re an emotionless drone — and you’re probably related to my ex-girlfriend. Check out this trailer of WEC 53, sponsored by UFC.

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