Watch the only James Toney post-fight interview that was recorded at UFC 118

Everything James Toney said leading up to UFC 118 was untrue. He was incapable of submitting Randy, unable to catch him with an uppercut and Toney could not KO Randy from his back. However, James Toney did manage to place a cool guaranteed $750,000 in his bank account, not to mention any PPV dividends or sponsorship deals he worked out at UFC 118. The guy just made enough money to purchase a third-world country. After his failed MMA debut, Toney refused to attend the post-fight press conference and reportedly stormed out of the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, leaving reporters to make grand speculations as to what James Toney would say if a microphone were placed in his face. There was one reporter who managed to corner Toney shortly before his abrupt exit at UFC 118 making him the only guy to get a post-fight interview with Lights Out immediately after his fight. Check out this rare interview with James Toney in which he says a lot of things, some of which you may not understand. [Source]

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