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Watch the official Super Hulk highlight reel

Dream felt that they needed to inject some testosterone in their official tournament labeling system. Calling it a heavyweight tournament just wasn’t hardcore enough to fully represent the beasts fighting on the card so the Dream official tournament labeling team came up with the ‘SUPER HULK Tournament‘…and everyone laughed. Only in Japan, where the line between reality and comic books merge more than my functional alcoholic neighbor’s words. We were granted to see freakshows like Jose Canseco vs. Hong Man Choi and your boy Bob Sapp. Minowaman has been the darkhorse in the tourney when he scored an amazing comeback wins over Hong Man Choi. Gegard Mousasi had to drop out of the tourney due to him being entirely too raw and was replaced with…Bob Sapp. Sokoudjou ended up TKOing him in under two minutes and Bob Sapp went back to his massive bed affixed on top of some mountain in Japan. At Dynamite!! 2009 we get to see the final Super Hulk showdown between Minowaman and Sokoudjou but before that goes down, check out the official Super Hulk highlight reel created by Dream. [Source]  



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