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Watch the most memorable punch machine fail you will see all day

Watch the most memorable punch machine fail you will see all day

When I was at Anthony Pettis’ sports bar grand opening last year there was a punch machine present. I wanted to hit it, bad. I get the same feeling around punching machines as I do baseball pitch speedometer things. I just have to take part if I have the chance, I have to know this information. If it were up to me these types of vital statistics would be on your license next to your birthdate and blood type.

Jason Nawara: Blood type: O. Eyes: blue. Punch machine rating: 340. Pitch speed: 23 MPH.

Alas, being in the presence of Anthony Pettis and Duke Roufus made me decide against it. It would be like playing that hoops game against Kevin Durant (the true MVP) or this totally crazy Asian girl. Although I’m pretty sure no matter how hard I tried in front of Roufus and his protoge’, I wouldn’t fail as much as these gents below. K-1 level strikers, these guys.

Gotta love the surprise ending. The first dude probably feels better about himself.

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