Watch the long lost pro MMA debut of Jon Jones

The Lord works in mysterious ways, my friends. With a little more than a week to go until threat level midnight hits the Prudential Center in Newark, New “Joisey”, the long lost footage of the pro MMA debut of Jon Jones has been recovered from a dusty old box pulled from a house fire. God herself must have set fire to Peter Czymbor’s house, how else can you explain such perfect timing for marketing UFC 128? It was God’s will. Read the intriguing tale of a bout once thought lost that returned like a prodigal son.

Back in April 2008, I was hired to produce and commentate a mixed martial arts event DVD for New England MMA outfit Full Force Productions. It would mark the first time I ever did play-by-play for an MMA event. More significantly, it was the night current UFC light heavyweight contender Jon Jones made his pro debut.

With over a dozen fights scheduled that night, I’d be fibbing if I told you I was totally aware of who Jon Jones was going into that event or how special he was. At the time, he was just another guy on the bout sheet fighting early in the evening against a winless (0-2 at the time) Nashua, New Hampshire heavyweight named Brad Bernard.However, we’d all be buzzing about this athletic freak from Endicott, New York when the night was over.

“Did you see the guy who flipped that dude over?” Was a common question being asked cageside at the nights end.

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