Watch the highly-entertaining UFC 178 LA press conference with Bones, Daniel Cormier, McGregor and Poirier

It’s clear that Jon Jones is really coming into his own as a showman. Take the first thirty seconds of his appearance in the UFC 178 press conference. Just 24 hours after he and Daniel Cormier made a meme out of Dave Sholler, he’s playing to the crowd and reminding everyone that they can watch more on PPV in his best impression of Apollo Creed. It’s fantastic, and good for the sport. If Bones can finally just fully embrace who he is, then he’s going to make 10x more money and the wave of his greatness will help lift MMA out of its current, over saturated doldrums. Combine current #TrollBones with Conor McGregor, who is already brilliant working the mic in front of this California crowd, and you are looking at a can’t-miss UFC 178. Bones needs to lead an entire stable of heels. Maybe get them to do a tag match, McGregor and Jones vs. Poirier and DC – teaming up over their love of Popeyes. 

Man. This entire UFC 178 press conference is fantastic. Watch it. I think Jones is in Cormier’s head. Not sure about Poirier and McGregor though.<a href="" target="_blank">YO86pQPp4S8</a>

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