Watch the Gracies break down Anderson Silva’s win over Chael Sonnen with superhuman-like enthusiasm

Stop trying to explain to your co-worker who steals everyone’s lunch from the company refrigerator how Anderson Silva sinked that nasty triangle in the last round at UFC 117. You’ll only look like a dufus when you invent words like ‘elbowfication’ and ‘knee-in-neck guillotine’. The days of you fronting as if you know the inner mechanics of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is now over, at least for today. The Gracies have created yet another hyper-enthusiastic video which breaks down Anderson Silva’s victory over Chael Sonnen. Be sure to watch this video a few times, write down jiu-jitsu terms, and then regurgitate them back to all of your friends in an attempt to establish your role of ‘Alpha Male’ amongst your MMA friends.

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