The Chessboxing documentary looks fascinating. Watch the trailer

Will Chessboxing eventually evolve into TekkenKickboxing? If so, count MiddleEasy as the first to sponsor the future TekkenKickboxing champion, Uriah Hall. It feels good to be the main sponsor of a sport that doesn’t exist (yet), and we’ve worked hard to get where we are today. Today being before anything has really happened regarding this new sport, but we have full confidence in our future champion, and we’d all collectively like to thank God for giving us the strength and hand-eye coordination to dominate with Marshall Law.

Keep in mind that only Tekken 1 and 2 shall be used in TekkenKickboxing, but the kickboxing rounds will be Glory rules. If you get knocked out, you may take smelling salts while a stressed cornerman shoves the grey PS1 controller in your hands. Yes, TekkenKickboxing is played on a PS1. Why? I don’t know.

We look forward to the meta and violent future that will be TekknKickboxing. Especially, like we said, because we’ll be sponsoring the champion. But until then, we can get by on Chessboxing, which has been delivering it’s own special brand of combat sports entertainment for years. The best part? Now there’s a documentary pulling back the curtain on the chessboard inside of the ring, and it looks fascinating.

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