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Watch the 3-second KO that will make you never want to touch gloves

I’ve always been an advocate of not touching gloves before a fight. I don’t even give fist bumps in fear that someone might take it the wrong way (like Fox News). This past Saturday, James Marohl was a last second replacement to take on Dustin Praxedes at Throwndown in Jamestown 3. When the fight started, Dustin extended his arm to James Marohl to touch gloves and just as James Marohl closed the distance, Dustin decked James with a right hook making it one of the fastest knock-outs in MMA history. Before this bout, Dustin had a record of 0-1 and now James Marohol’s trainer is slamming Praxedes calling his knockout victory an ‘honorless way to win’ and granting him the title of a ‘total classless cheater’. Check out the video and decide for yourself and be sure to stay around for the 0:43 mark. [Source]

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