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Watch: The 209 tour. Nick Diaz smoking OG kush with Snoop Dogg is really real

Nick Diaz is living the weed smoker life the rest of the world could only dream. And what a dream it has been. Next up for Nick Diaz at stoner fantasy camp is a trip to the world of Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg is the chilliest camp counselor at stoner fantasy camp; and that’s saying something. The more medicated the more dedicated.

We’ve seen Diaz munch on good eats with Anthony Bourdain, smoke a joint with Tommy Chong by the pool, so now we must see what the Stockton anti-hero does with Snoop D-o-double-g in front of a freaking green screen!?!

The segment with Diaz and Snoop is for an upcoming episode of the west coast rapper’s YouTube show West Fest TV. Oh, the very high places this dynamic duo will go.

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