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Watch that controversial ‘Fueled by Hate’ War Machine promo that everyone is talking about

Watch that controversial ‘Fueled by Hate’ War Machine promo that everyone is talking about

If Bellator named the promo ‘Fueled by Candy Corn,’ then no one would have a problem with it — except perhaps War Machine. In reality, if War Machine was fueled by candy corn he would be a Type 2 Diabetic. Instead of hate, War Machine would be fueled by insulin and would be required to carry around a set of needles in order to do whatever diabetics do with their body. I never really questioned the nature of diabetes since I don’t fully understand. It’s still a mystery to me — like Mandy Moore’s singing career.

Nevertheless, in the universe that we inhabit ‘Fueled by Hate’ is the operative name for this Bellator promo of War Machine. In the media it’s been getting a little bit of heat for the blatant exploitative use of War Machine’s prison stint. Folks, we can’t ignore the fact that War Machine has been locked up more times by the age of 30 than like ten people will ever be in their lifetime. It’s just a component that comprises the persona that is ‘War Machine.’ Live with it and watch the controversial Bellator promo below.

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