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Watch: Stephanie McMahon Jab At Ronda Rousey’s Losses And Slams Her Through Table

Watch: Stephanie McMahon Jab At Ronda Rousey’s Losses And Slams Her Through Table

Former UFC bantamweight champion and Olympic bronze medalist Ronda Rousey will compete in her first ever WWE match on Sunday at WrestleMania 34 in a Mixed Tag Team Match in New Orleans.

Ronda Rousey will team up with former Olympian Kurt Angle to face McMahon and Triple H.

Angle and Rousey built a lot of momentum a few weeks ago when former champion slammed Triple H through a table at Elimination Chamber and hit the on-screen RAW Commissioner with a Samoan Drop on RAW.

Last Monday night’s RAW, a mini-press conference happened where Stephanie McMahon and Triple H sat across from Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey. Triple H took to the mic and verbally mocks Angle for ruining the start of Rousey’s WWE career. Then McMahon and Rousey had a little exchange on the mic.

The power couple got their revenge and Triple H slammed the baddest women on Planet through a table. McMahon flashed back in as she mocks about how well Rousey handled losses, in return Rousey threatened to rip the WWE Chief Brand Officer’s arm off.

Ronda, just remember that you chose this path. This is all on you. You are going to lose at WrestleMania. In the record books, your very first match in WWE is going to be a loss to me.

“And we all know — The world knows how you handle losses.”

Check out the exchange below:

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