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Watch: So during Ronda Rousey’s walkout Bethe Correia’s brother threw the Brazilian flag at the champ

Basically Bethe Correia’s brother wrote a check that his sister could not cash. Despite having a laser death stare during her championship walkout, Ronda Rousey is pretty aware of her surroundings. The Rousey machine is programmed to adapt to her Brazilian surrounding when confronted by random flying objects.

During her UFC 190 walkout Rousey was nearly slapped in the face by a flying Brazilian flag courtesy of Correia’s brother. Dude, why would you throw the national symbol of pride and joy for your country at your sister’s opponent? Rousey didn’t flinch, calmly sidestepped the flag toss and was on her merry (deadly/terrifying/soul crushing) way to the cage. Rousey’s coach did notice and he was pissed.

Maybe if Correia’s brother didn’t get all crazy his sister could’ve lasted 45 or 50 seconds with Rousey before getting brutally knocked out.  Maybe.

H/T to Bibosas for the video edit 

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