Watch Shinya Aoki’s superhuman-like performance at Deep 50

I like to say all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles like pizza. But see, that’s a negative stereotype because I haven’t met a teenage mutant ninja turtle. That’s like saying all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wear primary colored headbands. However, after watching Dynamite!! 2009, I can safely say that all Shinya Aokis will break your arm if you refuse to tap out. I’m not going to show you the video again, I think we’ve all done enough cringing for 2010 (well alright, here you go). In an effort to leave no ‘rubbing it in your face’ opportunity wasted, Shinya Aoki then flew around the ring like an airplane and gave a middle finger to the media and then directly in Hirota’s face as he lay on the mat with doctors attending to him. Dude may rock technicolor pants, but on New Year’s Eve, Aoki proved that he was the real 155lb alpha male in Japan. Last week at Deep 50, after enduring a masterful display of transitions and submission attempts, Yokthai Sithoar was forced to tap when Aoki decided to stop having fun with his appendages.  Check out this video of the event and hopefully you will understand that Shinya Aoki is indeed hardcore, the pants are just a decoy.

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