Watch: Russian fighter loses by TKO then gets slapped by his trainer, who is also his mom

Mother knows best but Russian fighter moms really know what’s up. For anyone who has ever been slapped upside your head for disrespecting your mom, this post is for you. Russian MMA’s attempts to overtake Japanesse MMA for most outrageous acts of cage fighting are coming along nicely.

Earlier today at Fight Nights Global 67 Russian fighter Viktor Kichigin did not listen his coach and got himself TKO’d. A pretty standard loss except Kichigin’s head coach is his mom; and his mom was pissed off her freaking son was not listening to her instructions. Kids, right?

Then his mom slapped some sense into her beaten son post-fight. Holy shit. Don’t. Make. Eye contact with Momma Kichigin right now.

Sorry Momma

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